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Who we are ...

Our office was incorporated in 1964 and so we have been active in Nigeria for over 50 years. We supply, install, integrate and service a range of technical equipment, specialising in high-end security products and systems to the banking, commercial and governmental sectors. We are the sole agent for Chubbsafes in Nigeria and a major channel partner for other security equipment and systems manufacturers.

What we do ...

We supply, deliver, install and service technical and physical security products that fulfill a complete range of security requirements, from the boundary gate to the cash in your safe. This includes:

Perimeter Security Controls - to secure boundaries e.g. boom barriers, gates, vehicle blockers, turnstiles and bomb detection.

Entrance Security Controls - to secure buildings e.g. X-ray and metal detectors, ballistic entrance cubicles and doors, people flow control with Turnstiles, SpeedStiles, GlasStiles and TriStiles.

Physical Security Controls - within a secured area e.g. portable and mobile mini banks, InstaVaults, strongroom doors, safes, fire protection cabinets for both paper and data records.

Locks & Locking Control Systems - supply, installation and service of a wide range of genuine high-security locks and other replacement parts.

Access Security Controls & Integration - electronic and biometric systems that integrate with the physical security equipment.

Secure IT Solutions - encryption platform securing electronic mail and files. ePurchasing platform empowering users to obtain substantial savings on all corporate expenditure.

Service and SLAs - Our staff of trained Service Engineers provide full support for our products via annual Service Level Agreements.

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