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Roller Shutter Door (RSD) rated fire-resistant up to four hours is suitable for installation in residential, retail, commercial, banking and industrial environments. The curtain is of robust construction from 76mm galvanised steel laths with steel endlocks and a 6mm 40 x 40mm fabricated bottom rail bolted to the assembly. The RSD can be operated manually by push-up or mechanically by continuous chain (up to 2.5m x 2.5m & internal side only) or motorised with push-button, automatic and remote options. The RSD is available in standard sizes up to 4m x 7m (h/w), a range of designs (eg, with or without vision panels) and finished in galvanised steel, polyester coated stucco embossed or powder coated in RAL colours. Over-sizes can be accommodated upon request.

Certified LPBC 477 to ISO 9001:2000 & BS 476-22 1987

 Roller Shutter Doors Datasheet

Roller Shutter Doors
Roller Shutter Doors

Chubb Staff Security Door (SSD) is a very robust, solid core, high-security door ideal for applications in banks, embassies and high-security offices. The SSD is supplied as standard secured by one J5025 mortice deadlock and in ECO Masonite finish for painting on site to suit your office design. Options available include single or double-leaf doors, vision panel, eye-viewer, a range of finishes including, plywood, Formica, red-oak wood veneer and/or stainless steel cladding (for external fascia & kick plates), door closer and alternative locking for latches, maglock (magnetic), interlock & electronic locks for integration with your access control system.

AK47 (G2/R1/S2) - 53mm BRG for .44 magnum, 5.56mm rifle & 12ga Breneke slug
SSD (G1/S1) - 40mm BRG for .357 magnum & 12ga shotgun
CP92 (G0) - 28mm BRG for 9mm & .357

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 CP92 Datasheet

AK47 Staff Security Door

Sentinel Door 4-hour fire and anti-ballistic (G2/S2 .44 magnum / 12ga Breneke) door secured by 1 x mortice latch lock with lever handle and 2 x Chubb 3G110 mortice deadlocks all suited & keyed to pass. The Sentinel is available as a single-leaf or double-leaf door and can be finished in any RAL colour or stainless steel. The Sentinel is ideal for use internally in offices, high-security store rooms and as an emergency exit. Certified BS 476 BS 5051-1:1988 G1 & G2

 Sentinel Datasheet

Sentinel Staff Security Fire Door

DorTek offers a comprehensive range of high-security office doors certified to European Security Standards and are specifically designed to provide resistance to bandits, ballistics, blasts and fires. Bishopsgate can provide design services to incorporate DorTek doors into your entrance facade and all DorTek doors can be fitted with motorised locking systems ensuring that they are integrated with your access control systems.

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 DorTek Security Doors


VulTek fire-resistant door provides the maximum protection against conflagration by isolating a fire within a limited area of your office and preventing it from spreading to the rest of the premises. The patented design VulTek is available as a single or double-leaf door in different designs & finishes and test levels from one to four hours.
Certified EN 1634-1 & EI2

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VulTek Fire Resistant Double-Leaf Office Emergency Door

MagTek A internal anti-bandit door is offered in several versions providing different levels of protection against burglary and vandalism. MagTek is manufactured with either aluminium or armoured steel frames with a large transparent security glazing panel providing an elegant appearance and is designed to be easily integrated into existing offices and new constructions. Certified EN1627

 MagTek A Datasheet

MagTek Anti-Bandit Office Security Door

MagTek S4 internal or external anti-bandit door is offered in a manual or electrical version with motorised bolt-work that is operated from the outside using an access control solution and from the inside by a push-button to release the bolts and opening the door up to 180o. Certified EN1627-30 & NF-P 20.601

 MagTek S4 Datasheet

MagTek S4 Anti-Bandit External Office Door

DarTek A internal or external bullet-resistant door is constructed from special 80mm aluminium or steel profiles together with steel armour and is designed to offer a high level of protection against physical and ballistic attacks whilst maintaining an elegant appearance. DarTek is available in various designs and levels of ballistic protection ranging from .22 calibre up to 7.62mm rifle. Certified EN 1522-FB6 & EN 1063 BRG glazing

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DarTek Anti-Ballistic Office Security Door

BlasTek blast-resistant door provides a high degree of protection (15t/m2 for 20ms) against detonation, deflagration and reflected pressure waves caused by explosions. BlasTek is available in a range of resistance levels and finishes to provide an elegant and seamless appearance. Certified EN 13123/4-1 & 2, EN 13123/124-2 & ISO/DIS 16933

 BlasTek Datasheet

BlasTek Anti-Blast Office Security Door

RamTek S ram-raid resistant door provides a robust and ideal solution to protect retail environments, cash rooms and ATM housings from ramming attacks. RamTek is constructed with the Gunnebo Boomerang system to prevent caving together with two reinforced sliding beams to secure the door in position. Where required, installation can be coupled with a second staff door in the secure room to allow safe evacuation of personnel in the event of an emergency or attack. Certified ENV 1627-30 (25kJ)

 RamTek Datasheet

RamTek Ram-raid Protection Door
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