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Secure IT Control of Data Protection and Encryption

Egress Switch secure data exchange provides a broad platform encryption service (PES) that enables you to share sensitive and confidential electronic information, both internally and externally, whilst maintaining your compliance, security and control protocols. The Egress Switch suite of hosted and on premise encryption services is the leading security software solution for all forms of electronic data and information sharing and exchange across a multitude of platforms providing you with many benefits including:

  • A one-stop solution for secure email, file transfer & collaboration platform

  • Full integration at the gateway, desktop and any hosted environments

  • Real-time revocation of sent data from your modules

  • Tracking, reporting & auditing of all data sent from your office IT systems

  • Support to mobile workforce using secure apps

  • Compliant with industry regulations on data exchange including CoCo, DPA, FCA & BMA

  • Single sign-on support

  • Free for recipients to use all Switch service lines

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Egress Switch Introduction

Egress Switch

Egress Switch

Secure Email from Egress Switch provides an easy to use email encryption service that readily integrates with your existing IT infrastructure and enables users to send and receive information and data across multiple devices and applications secure in the knowledge that it is safe from prying eyes. Whilst email remains the most convenient and widely used method to communicate and share information, both internally and externally, sending sensitive documents and data in clear text considerable diminishes an organisation’s confidentiality and poses a serious threat to their security policies.

Benefits of the Egress Switch Secure Email service:

  • Encryption you can trust with government & industry certification

  • Encrypt information shared internally and externally

  • Real-time control over what a recipient can do with shared information

  • Detailed audits & reports to track data leaving your organisation

  • Free of charge for your recipients to use

  • Flexible & secure access across desktop, email, web and mobile apps

  • Enforce centralised data protection policies by removing the decision-making from end-users

  • Flexible multi-layer authentication

  • Seamless authentication & federation via ADFS & SAML2

  • Choice of hosting for on-premise, hosted or hybrid options

  • No infrastructure required in hosted implementations

 Receiving a Secure Email for the First Time

 How to send Encrypted Email using Outlook

Egress Switch Secure Email

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Egress Secure E-mail

Egress Switch Secure E-Mail

Secure File Transfer. By combining hosted storage with the Egress Switch award winning file encryption software, Secure File Transfer makes sharing large files not only easier than ever, but also more secure than existing storage providers. Using Switch, files that are too large to be sent by conventional email can be uploaded to hosted storage in one single click. Better still, not only will your recipients be notified automatically once the file has been uploaded, but you will also maintain complete visibility and control over the secure files, even after they have been downloaded. This enables you to audit and revoke access in real-time wherever the information resides.

To make the process of sharing files even easier, the latest Switch release (v4.2) includes full large-file transfer integration with Microsoft Outlook. This new functionality allows users simply to attach files (regardless of size), whilst remaining in their Outlook client. By clicking the ‘Attach large files’ button that sits on the top ribbon, a sidebar will automatically open on the right-hand side of the email field, allowing the user to either drag & drop files from anywhere on their PC, or alternatively use the browse function to locate the required file from a specific folder.

 How to send Large Files Securely

Egress File Transfer

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Egress Secure File Transfer

Secure Web Form provides an effective mechanism for sharing sensitive information between external users and organisations. The forms provide a secure system that manages the lack of security between a hosted web service and a corporate network and requires no Switch account sign up to use the service.

Using Secure Web Form, customers, partners and other third parties can securely submit confidential information and large files from any computer or mobile device. As a result organisations benefit from ensuring the flow of sensitive information into their network is kept secure and tracked at all times for compliancy and auditing purposes.

Egress Switch Secure Web Form

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Egress Switch Web Form

Secure Workspace is a collaborative file sharing platform tool designed to cater for a variety of online data sharing scenarios. Users of Dropbox will be familiar with the concept, whilst Secure Workspace offers the significant advantage of automatically securing and encrypting all your files rendering them inaccessible to anyone outside your predefined hierarchy and protocols. By leveraging patented encryption, Secure Workspace offers the ability to securely share files with built-in version control as well as capture and encrypt unstructured associated meta-data, all seamlessly integrated with existing archive and document management systems.

Switch Secure Workspace enables users to create and edit documents in real-time alongside each other. Utilising tracked changes, version control and sophisticated user permissions, Switch Secure Workspace provides full visibility and control over all edits made. Compatible with a variety of file types, Switch Secure Workspace offers functionality such as creation of text documents, spreadsheet management and collaboration on presentations with both colleagues and approved external users.

Egress Switch Secure Work Space

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Egress Switch Workspace

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