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Door Locks and Mechanical Codelocks

Ultimate B109 anti-bump 6-pin cylinder mortice deadbolt key lock with 10cm throw suitable for residential and office doors.

Mul-T-Lock 603 4-way, multi-bolt, mortice deadbolt key lock suitable for security doors.

Ultimate 6-pin Cylinder Mortice Deadbolt Key LockAssa Abloy Mul-T-Lock 603 4-way Mortice Deadbolt Key Lock

Codelocks CL100 range provides simple, convenient, keyless access control and is available with mortice deadbolt or surface latch and back-to-back options.

Codelocks CL200 range is a popular mechanical push-button lock for keyless access control with mortice deadbolt or surface latch and back-to-back options. Hold open function and multiple finishes are available.

Codelocks CL100 Mechanical Code LockCodelocks CL200 Mechanical Code Lock

Codelocks CL400 range is a medium duty lock with full-size lever handles for use on most doors where a knob-operated lock is unsuitable.

Codelocks CL500 range of heavy duty locks with full-size lever handles suitable for high traffic uses. Key override and code free options available.

Codelocks CL400 Mechanical Code LockCodelocks CL500 Mechanical Code Lock

Codelocks CL600 range offers quick coded, access control and heavy duty locks with on-door code change function. Certified ANSI-A156.2 Codelocks CL600 Mechanical Code Lock
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