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Secure IT Control for Contract Management

Elcom PECOSTM Contract Management helps you to organise and analyse your business contracts, saving you time and money. PECOS Contract Management enables access to your organisationís contracts from anywhere in the world using only a standard internet browser. You can create a single database of all your contracts, add images of your contract paperwork, generate reminders, manage supplier risk, control variations, message your contract managers, produce great reports plus lots more!

Contracts play a pivotal role in the day to day operation of your organisation and come in many guises but the intention is the same Ė to define the responsibilities of two parties when they enter into a business relationship. Typical contracts in use in most organisations include standard commercial contracts, warranties, non-disclosure agreements, employment or general agreements. All of these documents need to be stored and referenced at key points in their life cycles. Most companies have bundles of paper-based contracts across multiple filing systems in several locations. Itís only when it comes to renewal time or when thereís a dispute that they attempt to recover the original paperwork - and this can be a real headache.

PECOSTM Contract Management provides an easy way to record and manage these contracts electronically, with a wealth of tools to help manage your business relationships more effectively.

Elcom PECOSTM Product Features: Contract Management

Secure IT Control for PECOS Contract Management
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