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Cash Handling and Deposit

CashControl used in conjunction with SafeCash products provides a web-based software solution for the online management of cash handling in all outlets or stores.

 Cash Handling Introduction

Please see Secure IT Controls - Cash Control

SafePay cartridge deposit system (CDS) for cash deposits provides a range of entry-level closed cash handling offering a low-cost solution to retailers who wish to prevent staff from accessing cash.

  SafePay - Closed Cash Handling

 SafePay NR2 Datasheet

 SafePay CR2 Datasheet

SafePay NRS Checkout Note and Coin Recycling Unit

SafeBag is an intelligent night safe deposit with armoured drum managed by an integrated PC and providing 24/7 access with an automated transfer safe for emptying and counting procedures designed for external use or integration into the customer’s self-service area. Certified ECB.S EN 1143-2

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 SafeBag M16 Datasheet


SafeCash Counter Deposit is an entry-level front-office cash deposit solution for small businesses focused on simplicity and security and is designed for point of sale and under-counter installation

 SafeCash Counter Deposit Datasheet

SafeCash Counter Deposit

SafeCash Retail Deposit (SCRD) High Speed is the ultimate cash-handling deposit system for medium and large size retail businesses handling large amounts of cash and can deposit up to 1,000 notes per transaction in different bundles which are instantly counted and recorded and sent straight into a sealed bag for convenient CIT collection. Route planning and pick-up times can be optimised by giving CIT access to the cash level data. The real-time cash level of each safe can be tracked using Gunnebo’s web-based monitoring software, CashControl. As soon as cash is deposited, details of the amounts can be sent to the bank allowing your account to be credited the same working day.

 SafeCash Retail Deposit Datasheet

 SafeCash Retail Deposit HS300 Datasheet

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SafeCash Retail Deposit

SafeCash Retail Station (SCRS) for combined cash deposit and dispensing to allow cashiers to fill, refill and empty their tills using the SafeCash Retail Station which accepts, recycles and dispenses cash. Ideal for big supermarkets, shopping malls or exhibition centres where there are many small traders operating. The SCRS can count and sort up to 8 notes per second and bundles of up to 200 notes can be deposited a time. Notes are stored in a certified grade III safe with optional ink protection. Gunnebo’s SafeControl software can be utilised for online monitoring, user management and generation of reports allowing you to define user rights for each cashier. Route planning and pick-up times can be optimised by providing your CIT operator access to your cash level data.

 SafeCash Retail Station Datasheet

 SafeCash Retail Station

SafeCash Retail Station

SafeCash Retail Recycler (SCRR) self-service cash recycler can accept up to 200 banknotes per deposit and the terminal enables cash-in or cash-out, combined cash-in/cash-out or full recycle. Notes are automatically sorted, authenticated, fitness-tested and stacked in recycling cassettes to greatly reduce processing time. Optical, ultraviolet, infrared and magnetic sensors identify counterfeit and poor quality notes. The SCRR enables you to replenish your tills according to preset cashiers’ limits whilst te notes are stored in a certified safe to protect from theft. Utilising the CashControl software enables user administration and reporting, making inventory and CIT collections more efficient and economical and can connect your entire network of self-service machines using a web-based portal.

 SafeCash Retail Recycler Datasheet

SafeCash Retail Recycler
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