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CityWall is a modular security walling system constructed of steel and special infill panels suitable for both internal and external applications with particular focus on securing ATM installations. The system is designed and tested to provide protection against all types of burglary attack with both hand and power tools as well as resistance to ballistics and fire. CityWall’s versatile, modular, lightweight design provides great flexibility enabling quick installation, including on upper floors with load restrictions (55kg/m2), and is both extendable, should you wish to increase the number of ATM facilities available to customers, and demountable, allowing for relocation to a new site when required. Certified Burglary EN1627-30 RC4, EN1630, Ballistic EN1522 FB4 & FSG

 Chubb ATM CityWall Datasheet

CityWall ATM

Chubb ATM safe has been specifically designed with explosive absorbing materials (EAM) and anti-explosive mats (AEM) that absorb the energy released in order to withstand explosive attacks on ATMs that are devastating and have become increasingly frequent. In the event of an attack, the re-lockers on the bolt-work engage keeping the door in the locked position, whilst the explosive gases are allowed to vent to the outside and so maintaining the integrity and security of the safe.

 ATM Gas Explosive Tests

Chubb ATM
PlusLockTM is designed to protect ATM safe mechanisms from burglary and fits all models of ATM safe.

 PlusLock Datasheet

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PlusLock ATM

ATM StrongArmTM anchoring and bolt-down ram-raid protection system provides a low-cost effective way to secure your ATM from a forced pull-out and has been tested to withstand in excess of 35 ton impacts with connections resisting 40 ton loads. Strong Arm fits all makes & models of ATM, allows fast installation, retrofitting and can be redeployed to new sites.

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StrongArm Ram-raid Protection for ATMs

ATM-SafeTM GP-X gas protection system is the most advanced and fastest gas detection and prevention solution available. Any potential explosion within the ATM and safe is rapidly detected and countered in just seconds thus safeguarding your cash and preventing collateral damage to the building and public.

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